2014 Residential Rebates

All rebate forms must be submitted to the cooperative office within 6 months of the purchase date as shown on equipment invoice.

Air Quality Equipment - (rebate form)

Air Source Heat Pump and Heat Plus Rate Program - (rebate form)

All Star Home Bonus/New Construction - (rebate form)

  • All Star Home Building Checklist - (form)

Drain Water Heat Recovery Systems - (rebate form)

Electric Heating Equipment/Rate Incentive - (rebate form)

Energy Efficient Indoor Lighting - (rebate form)

Energy Efficient Outdoor Security Lighting - (rebate form)

ENERGY STAR® Appliances - (rebate form)

ENERGY STAR® Air Conditioners - (rebate form)

Geothermal Heat Pumps - (rebate form)

Water Heaters - (rebate form)

Weatherization Program - (rebate form)

Weatherization Program/LIHEAP - (rebate form)


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